Fleet 42 Board Members

Commodore – Scott Agan

PHONE – 480-540-5634

E-mail – scottagan@fleet42.org

Scott Agan

Scott and his wife Katy have been with Fleet 42 for the past 14 years. They sail a 1980 G-Cat 5.7. Scott has been Commodore for 10 years and loves helping sailors become more confident in their sailing abilities.

Staff Commodore – Claudia Kirsher

 Claudia Kirscher

Claudia has been active in Fleet 42 since 1982, serving on the Board the majority of that time in various officer capacities. She has a Prindle 16. For 29 years, she has seen the Fleet introduce new sailors to the joy and thrill of sailing while experiencing the camaraderie of like-minded sailors.”

Staff Commodore – Jim Hurley

Jim Hurley

Jim has been with the fleet since 1999. He has a Prindle 18-2 but enjoyed many years racing on a Prindle 19 with Terry Marshall. The fleet camaraderie is what keep things fun.

Staff Commodore – Terry Marshall

Terry Marshall

Terry started sailing with fleet 42 in 2000 on a Laser monohull. Terry switched to a Prindle 19MX a few years later and has served as photographer, scoring and Commodore for 2 years. One of the things Terry likes best is to watch and help sailors learn new sailing skills. The folks in Fleet 42 have been a big part my activities.

Harbourmaster – Brett Johnston

E-mail – azcrew1@cox.net

Brett Johnston

I enjoy sailing at Lake Pleasant, Roosevelt Lake, and whenever possible, the big (salty) pond. I bought my first catamaran, a Hobie 16, in 1983 in Wilmington, North Carolina. I sailed that boat until the late 80’s when I sold it here in Phoenix. I didn’t sail again until the mid 2000’s when I bought a yellow SolCat 18 for $50 and fixed her up. From there, on to a Nacra 5.7 with Spin. I currently own an Inter 20, and a Nacra 5.2. And that yellow SolCat 18 has found her way back to my driveway.

Race Captain – Manny Dagnet

E-mail – edagnet@usa.com

Manny Dagnet

Emmanuel Dagnet (Manny in the fleet) has been sailing catamarans since he was 4, mostly in Europe. As a teenager he became a well-known windsurfer in Europe and spent most of his summers teaching windsurfing and cat sailing in European sailing schools. He arrived in America 16 years ago, first in Virginia, then to Hawaii and finally moved to Arizona in 2002. He is now a teacher in public schools in Phoenix Arizona and keeps teaching catamaran sailing in France during the summer that he spends with his family in Normandy. Manny serves Arizona fleet 42 as the Race Captain.

Treasurer – Jim Tomes

PHONE – 623-695-8677

E-mail – jimtomessailor@yahoo.com

Jim Tomes

I started sailing at the age of 16 when I purchased my first Hobie 16 and joined Fleet 42 when I was 18. After 4 years on that boat I moved up to a Prindle 18. I became inactive in the fleet in about 1995 and started a family. I came back to the fleet three years ago and just this last year have moved up to a F18HT catamaran.