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2016 Membership Dues

It’s time for 2016 membership dues! PLEASE help support your Fleet. Fleet 42 dues go towards our yearly events, regattas, trophies, hats, shirts, fun lake events, maintaining fleet equipment, VHF radios, chase boats/pangas for Mexico regattas, and Fleet 42 paper special flyers and newsletters. Unsure if your dues are paid, contact Scott Agan at scottagan@fleet42.org or 480-540-5634 and THANK YOU!

2016 Fleet 42 Sailing Schedule

The Fleet 42 sailing schedule has been updated for 2016. Please see the Fleet 42 Schedule page.

2016 Fleet 42 sailing with Arizona Yacht Club

We will be sailing with Arizona Yacht Club this year, participating in their Spring Sailing Series and Fall Sailing Series. I have included the schedule for each of these in the Fleet 42 schedule for 2016. We had four boats that participated in the Fall Series this past year and just had an absolute BLAST! We sailed every other Sunday with AYC and just had a great time with everyone. They thought we were nuts, but always had a wave and a smile for us. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “Oh no, here come those catamaran guys again!”, or “Two hulled boats are like training wheels for monohulls!”. All in good clean fun! AYC puts on a great regatta and the people in the club are very kind and helpful. If you have an itch to sail with them, please join us again this spring and fall and sail with them during the series.

Information can be found on the Arizona Yacht Club web site, http://arizonayachtclub.org/

2016 Fleet 42 combined sailing events with Hobie Fleets 66, 88 and 514

Again this year we will be sailing with the Hobie Fleets as they do their points regattas. The events are Lake Havasu, March 11-13 2016 at Windsor Beach 4 – Lake Havasu, Arizona, Cinco de Mayo, April 29 – May 1, 2016 at Playa Bonita R.V. Park and Pinata Regatta/Rocky Point Challenge, October 7-19, 2016 at Playa Bonita R.V. Park. We all had a great event this past fall sailing with the Hobie fleets and I am really looking forward to sailing with them again this year. It is great to see a LOT of boats on the water and on the beach. Lots of socializing and lots of new friends!

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