10th Annual Rocky Point Challenge – October 11-12, 2014

Good Morning Everyone!

Just a quick reminder that the 10th Annual Rocky Point Challenge is coming up and I have 2 boats registered so far…and the G-Cat 5.7 is one of them!!! Please get you registration forms to me as early as you can so I can get the awards all set-up and ready. Also remember that you can register on line now….please make use of this!!! For those who do not want to register on line, there is a link to a PDF version on the fleet 42 site as well. Here is the link to both ways to register. http://fleet42.org/?page_id=320 .

Also, get you Playa Bonita Registration Forms in ASAP. You need to do this NOW in order to get a camping spot. We have NO extra spaces and no guarantee that there will be any spots for you if you decide to wait until you get there. The link to the Playa Bonita form is here. http://fleet42.org/?page_id=248 . Make sure you use this registration form or you might get charged for a space that they might think is for BOOMERFEST.

Speaking of BOOMERFEST…

The reason I am being adamant about getting your registration forms in early is because of another event happening the same weekend as the Pinata Regatta / Rocky Point Challenge. BOOMERFEST is happening and there is going to be a LOT more people there in Rocky Point for that event. BOOMERFEST is going on from October 8-12, 2014 at Wrecked At The Reef. They are bringing BIG names to the event and are expecting HUGE crowds from the U.S. to make the trip. The link for this event is:https://www.boomerfestdays.com/

Traveling back to the U.S. could be a bit of a challenge as well. With the BOOMERFEST event ending on Sunday, the lines a t the border could be extremely long. Please think about leaving on Monday or Tuesday after the weekend. Not only will you get across the border with shorter lines….you will be able to sail just that much more!

If you have any questions or concerns, please either comment to this post, send me an e-mail, scottagan@fleet42.org, or give me a call.

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