Around Anacapa Summary – Scott Agan

Well, what can I say…if were not able to attend the 2014 version of Around Anacapa, then you MUST put this event on your calendar for the 2015 version.

Fleet 42 had 6 boats attend this year. Brett Johnston and Anthony Aquilaon the Inter 20, Lee Wicklund and Eric Lassen on the Inter 20, Jim Tomesand Dennis Harrison on the Bimar HT18, Brian Willess and Alan Pilkington on the Nacra 6.0, Jonathon Magick and Scott Agan on the P-19, andRobert A. Videan and Cutter Videan on the P-18.2. We all arrived on Thursday or VERY early Friday morning, 2:00am to be exact! Then the trash talk started!

We all got up pretty early Friday morning, excited to get stated building the boats. And the trash talking started once again! We all helped each other build the boats and get them ready for the Friday shake-down sail that afternoon. Jim was the first one to have an issue. No tiller or cross bar. It’s at home on the couch. Within 15 minutes we had Jim set-up with a new cross bar and he was on his way to go get another tiller. Disaster averted.

After a quick lunch, we all got out on the water to do some testing on the boats and get our bearings the the Saturday Race. Robert Martinez and Joseph Reuven even joined us out there. Most of us spent about 2 to 3 hours on the water. Not Jonathon and I…I got sea sick…again! I did this last year too! I got to know the front cross bar very well. Nothing on the boat!

Everyone made it back in safe with no issues. Big smiles on everyone’s faces. All went well with all the boats. Now we were ready for Saturday!

Again, up early Saturday and most went to the “Trash Talk” breakfast and a few of us stayed back and started getting everything ready for the race. I started taking the sea sick medication right away and kept the meds going until it was time to get the boats on the water. ALL WAS GOOD! We all launched the boats in plenty of time to get to the start line. Not like last year when Jonathon and I almost didn’t make it. This year we were early enough to the start line that we had time to make our plans for the start. The beach cats were the last start so we could go through the other fleets. LOTS of fun to do. Jonathon and I set our boat up in position for the start and we drilled it. Less than 5 feet away from the line just as the horn sounded under full sail and speed. The race was on!!! Jonathon and I led the beach catamaran field to within 500 yards of oil platform Gina, and tha’ts when Brett and Anthony passed us. Bye Guys! They were off and running, first to the platform and around. Jonathon and I were second around the platform and were busy heading to Anacapa to notice who was next to get around. As we were heading to Anacapa, we noticed a HUGE ship coming towards us. I looked at Jonathon and he looked at me and said, “We will make it.” Okay….lets go. We made it in front of the HUGE ship with ease and 2 more beach cats behind us made it too. We got to the island and were going around the back side and we had wind! A fair amount of wind at that! Ripples on the water was a good thing to see. We got into a tacking dual with the guys on the Nacra 5.8, and they got us. They went out and got about a half a mile ahead of us and made it to between the islands before us. Lee and Alan also passed us on the back side by staying close to the island and finding great wind. Jim and Dennis passed us too. Jonathon and I were a little stumped on how and why we were getting passed, but we kept the boat going forward on the course and not back tracking. We finally got to a place where we make our last tack on the back side of Anacapa and head right into Ventura Harbor, 19 miles in front of us.

We made that tack, set the sails and were off. Fast once again. we knew there were 3 cats in front of us so we decided to see if we could catch them. It took us a little while, but Jim and Dennis kept getting bigger and bigger. We finally passed them and we could see the Nacra 5.8 in the distance. They were next. Jonathon was driving the boat hard, with big splashes as we were climbing the back of the waves in front of us. They were getting bigger…and bigger,,,and bigger. With less than a mile to Ventura Harbor, we passed them, but they kept right with us. It was fun to have 2 boats so close to each other after so long on water. Once in the mouth of the harbor. it became another tacking dual, and once again, they got us. We finished a mere 21 seconds behind them. RATS!!!

Everyone made it back to the harbor safe and sound with great stories of the day. We all had a great time and we all are looking forward to next year.

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