Fleet 42 Board Members

Commodore – Scott Winkler

E-mail – winklersh@yahoo.com

Rear Commodore – Scott Agan

PHONE – 480-540-5634

E-mail – scottagan@fleet42.org

Scott Agan

Scott and his wife Katy have been with Fleet 42 for the past 14 years. They sail a 1983 Nacra 5.2. Scott has been Commodore for 12 years and loves helping sailors become more confident in their sailing abilities.

Harbourmaster / Race Captain – Brett Johnston

E-mail – azcrew1@cox.net

Brett Johnston

I enjoy sailing at Lake Pleasant, Roosevelt Lake, and whenever possible, the big (salty) pond. I bought my first catamaran, a Hobie 16, in 1983 in Wilmington, North Carolina. I sailed that boat until the late 80’s when I sold it here in Phoenix. I didn’t sail again until the mid 2000’s when I bought a yellow SolCat 18 for $50 and fixed her up. From there, on to a Nacra 5.7 with Spin. I currently own an Inter 20, and an A-Cat.

Treasurer – Jim Tomes

PHONE – 623-695-8677

E-mail – jimtomessailor@yahoo.com

Jim Tomes

I started sailing at the age of 16 when I purchased my first Hobie 16 and joined Fleet 42 when I was 18. After 4 years on that boat I moved up to a Prindle 18. I became inactive in the fleet in about 1995 and started a family. I came back to the fleet three years ago and just this last year have moved up to a F18HT catamaran.

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