Fleet 42 “Unofficial” June Outing…

Hi Fleet 42,

Hope this email finds you all well and good.

Some more news on the local catamaran sailing front.  The Pinata Regatta hosted by Fleet 514 in October has been canceled because of too many unknowns with fall-out from the Corona Virus.  The Hobie cats may still go down and do a fun sail, depending on conditions (open border, etc).  Fleet 42 will also still go down to Mexico if it is open or do the event at Roosevelt Lake if not.

The Fleet 42 June event to Roosevelt Lake is officially canceled.  But unofficially we are going.  Similar to our last Lake Pleasant outing, the situation is too uncertain for an official outing (Horse Pasture is underwater, lake is at 99% full as of 5/24) but I think we could pull off an unofficial event.  What this is really saying is I can’t find a spot on the lake where I feel I can reasonably guarantee a good, convenient group location, but individually we may be able to do so, and even make a good group event out of it anyway.  

So, if you would like to join the “unofficial” event at Windy Hill in June, I will be there from Jun 18th to Jun 21st.  I will be at Windy Hill Recreation area in the Coyote camp area, hopefully somewhere in sites 280-293.  Sites 292 and 293 actually have beach access and I will try to get one of them.  We could land there but not launch.  However, we can not count on getting those sites so best to regard this as a launch and land from the ramp event.  Here is a link to satellite maps of the areas that I put together with some annotations.  https://docs.google.com/document/d/14VldRePsz3FcXGBXYdgFzSG3dbJ0D28tG35Csmz3HKY/edit?usp=sharing

Note, a campsite is $25/night for a normal space and $50 for a double.  No RV hookups, but it has picnic tables and shade awning and bathrooms.  Even showers, although they are currently closed because of the virus.

We will do a potluck Saturday evening if there is a group present.  Send me a note if you think you might come.  I’ll post again on arrival on Thursday to give everyone a heads up on the conditions.

Looking forward to it!!! Roosevelt Lake is as full as you will see it, and very pretty!  We camped at site 283 this last Sunday through Wednesday (without boat unfortunately) but had a good time.  If you have any questions about the campground or conditions there, shoot me a message.  Hope to see you there!

    Scott Winkler – Commodore-Fleet 42

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