Fleet42 News and Update

Hi Fleet 42,

Well, a lot has happened in the world since the last update.  I hope this finds you well and still positive as I know the Corona Virus has adversely affected many, either health or livelihood.

Thinking about sailing may seem like a luxury now, but I believe it is a good, healthy, positive distraction.  So, I hope this distracts you in a good way.

First, lets get all the bad news out of the way.  Last email we did cancel the April Roosevelt event.  Cinco de Mayo regatta has also been canceled.  Both Roosevelt and Lake Pleasant are closed to camping, although there is some question as to whether day use is still allowed.  I could not reach the rangers at Roosevelt which doesn’t bode well.  In any event, no ‘official’ events from the fleet in April or May.  I am leaving the June event on the calendar for now. 

In better news, we did hold a very successful event at Lake Pleasant just as the guidance for the Corona Virus was coming down.  I think we managed to have a good time while still upholding our social distancing obligations (which at that time were still just being promulgated). I’ve just sent a separate email recapping the event.

So, now the good news?  All the Arizona lakes are full and beautiful.  And I am determined to hold a regatta in April!! Not only will there be a regatta but it will be a one-design race!  How can we do that??  Well, yes, it is going to be a virtual regatta.  This won’t be for everyone but I think it could be a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected.  I’ve been playing it.  Y’know, its pretty good. I still love the starts and suck at the race itself, just like the real thing.  And we can set up a Fleet 42 specific regatta so we can race each other.  I can finally (maybe) beat both Brian Willess and Jim Tomes! 

So, I’ve spent some time learning this ‘game’ (they are partnered with World Sailing, btw).  It isn’t easy, initially I found the controls and environment confusing.  Same as when I started to sail!  Its like starting over.  I can host a Zoom meeting the week before to demonstrate/answer questions to get people a fast start, if there is interest.  You can play either on a PC or download the app to your phone.  I recommend the phone initially, although I am using the PC now.  Google/Search “Virtual Regatta Inshore”.  If you are interested in doing this, download and go through the training.  Shoot me an email if you do.  Or if you have questions.  I could use some help trying the Custom Race feature (I need someone else online to try it with me!).

I’m not sure if there will be interest in this, but I figure why not give it a try.  I will send out a follow-up post with the date and time of the regatta and maybe a time for a Zoom meeting the week before to demo/answer questions if there are any.

I will also, finally be sending out invites for a Whatsapp Fleet42 group.  I’ve mentioned this before.  This is a replacement for mass text messages some of us have been using.  Again, this is not for everyone, and that is not a problem   If you’d like to join, download Whatsapp to your phone, text or email me, at and I’ll invite you. 

Hoping for fair winds soon,

  -scott winkler

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