From our Commodore

Hi Fleet 42,

Much of the world seems to have come to a standstill, but we are still here and I thought I’d send out a quick note!

Although Lake Pleasant and Roosevelt Lake are closed to camping, they are both open to day sailing.  Chris Picknally, Ken Gerrard, and Duane Darling are some who have made it out for day sailing at Lake Pleasant.  Reports have been that it has been good sailing!

Meanwhile, Roosevelt Lake is 99% full.  I’d really like to sail on a maxed out Roosevelt Lake!  If camping opens, I will try a trip to the lake to see about camping at the RV campgrounds and launching from the campground boat ramps.  This will not be as convenient as camping on the shore to be sure, but the lake sure is pretty when it is full, and I want to sail it!  Will send out an update if that looks good and that is probably what we will do for our June event, as Horse Pasture is unlikely to be out of the water by June.

In other news, the AZ Fleet 42 Whatsapp group is gathering a good following!  For those unfamiliar with it Whatsapp is (yet another, sorry!) communication tool.  This is kind of a cross between a bulletin board and text messaging.  Works well for group communications (and is completely encrypted).

Here is how I view our communication tools:  Email is our official communication tool.  I’ll use it for “official” updates on calendar events and fleet and general news.  I view Facebook as the tool to post relatively time-insensitive information, such as trip reports, pictures, technical questions, etc.  And finally I consider Whatsapp best for tactical, in-the-moment communication, i.e. “I’m going to the lake tomorrow!” or “Where’s the turn-off to cat-point”, etc.  You are welcome to use or not use these tools, they are not all for everyone.  If you do decide to try Whatsapp, it has a subtle but obvious visual notification indicator which means you can turn off the audio notification (the beep), which I recommend.  Here is the invite link:

AZ Fleet 42 link to join my WhatsApp group:

If you are heading out to the lake and looking for company I recommend continuing to post to both Facebook and Whatsapp to get the word out!

Finally, in the last email, I mentioned putting on a virtual regatta at the end of April.  I’ve been sailing in this online “game” and I like it!  But, in addition to it being not quite ready for a prime-time group event, I didn’t sense too much interest in the group for it.  So tabling the idea for now.  If you would like to try it (and match race me) here is the link.

 Ok, hope to see you all, as soon as we can, in real-life on the water!!

Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

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