Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved web site for Fleet 42. Please go through the web site and get familiar with the new layout. It is easier to find what you are looking for. We also added a new place to post your own comments. Please use it to talk about the fleet and its activities.

You must “Log In” in order to post to this site. Please e-mail me your request to be able to post and I will send you your own “Log In” and “Password” for this site. You do not need to “Log In” to the site in order to view the site, you can do that at any time. My e-mail address is: scottagan@fleet42.org

I hope you enjoy the new Fleet 42 web page!

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  1. ScottAgan says:

    Okay… Scott Winkler brought a great idea to my head. If you have any “OLD” photos of the fleet, please contact me at scottagan@fleet 42.org. I would like to get “OLDER” photos of the fleet on the new Fleet 42 web site. Lets see how the fleet has changed over the years. I think it would be pretty cool!

  2. Scott Winkler says:

    I seem to be here…? I got a “you don’t have permission for this page” page when I logged in, but it seems i’m logged in nevertheless… 🙂

    I didn’t realize the pictures from Kirk’s old site were on AZ Cat Sailor. I’ll have to check that out! There were some great pictures of my boat on its side taken by Jackie after 2001 spring cholla (i think). Telford and I got caught joy-riding! 🙂

    Even older pictures are a great idea! I don’t think any of mine are from before about 2002… Might have a few scannable prior to that.

  3. Brett Johnston says:

    I seem to be here too I got kicked out it said that I couldn’t do anything but here IM I went off the page came back on it says I’m logged in so Here I am too.
    I got lettering from Scott yesterday and am in the process of putting them on the N5.0. I’ll try to post some pics

  4. Charlie Spitzer says:

    i get the same error too.

    friends of ours were at jj’s last month and spotted us and my boat pictures there from the mid-80s. even the header picture of this site has my old p16 in it: dead center, white/brown/red. that picture looks to be early 90’s, perhaps 91 or 92 maybe?

    unfortunately, i have very few pictures from then, mostly old slides that are stashed away and have never seen the light of day since.

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