Best Governors Cup Ever!

Good day sailors,

Here is my write up of the best Governors Cup Ever! (Because I won!)

A bunch of us started off by meeting up Friday night to all hang out at the campground. We had some great sailing stories and lots of laughs of sailing days past. The trash talk was flowing as all of us were hoping to take the cup and confidence among the sailors was greatly exaggerated around the fire. One thing we all had in common was the concern on the wind forecast. It looks to be a floater, lets all hope wind finder is wrong. We all tucked ourselves into bed and not a breeze was to be had the entire night. We woke to the same, no wind at all. Then out of nowhere the answer to our prayers was answered, WIND!!. Wait lots and lots of wind? The forecast was slow so I had no crew. My thoughts of having the light boat advantage quickly turned to I sure hope I don’t flip.

Well the wind was holding out at the start line. We cat sailors buzzed around zipping in and out of the mono-hulls as they started on their adventure leaving us at the dam on their way up the lake. Wow, a lot of those boats sure were far ahead. I was still in caution mode as the wind was blowing and I sure did not want to go over. I was getting worried as I tried to compare boat speed prior to our start. I could not keep up with those darn I20’s with boat speed. Then there was this Nacra 5.8 that I’ve never sailed against before. Those guys were blowing me away and I could not catch them. There was the P19 looking so fast and always a threat. The hobies were now off and flying down the course. A p16 was practically out of sight before my start time approached. Fred comes booking in on the H18 a little late but then is just gone. My start is getting close, Just me and those 4 darn I20’s left at the line. As my time approaches I hit the line moving fast and headed up the lake, I have just over two minutes before the rain of I20 terror approaches.

Wow, the wind is got me a bit over powered so pull hard on the out-hull, max out the down-hull, under rotate, and I’m still having to pinch to keep under control. I finess the tiller keeping my hull just above the water and am trapped out to the front cross bar to keep the bows down. Two minutes go by and I watch in horror as the freight train of 20’s rains on my parade. Within a matter of minutes after they started I was over taken and out sailed. Man those guys are all fast! Now here I sit in last place over powered and out of ideas. My visions of governors cup glory are fading fast! So I decide to not look at the other boats and focus on boat speed. My bows are down, the hull is riding at the perfect height, my tiller movements are smooth and I have a perfect line to the first island.

Almost to the north islands my spirits are reawakened, my high angle may have paid off. Brett with all wisdom decides to sail to the wrong island, Woo Hoo I,m now one boat down. My angle seemed to have made good on Manny, two down. But man Brad and Brian are so fast and still ahead. I round the first Island and make my way to the second. What do I do now, Wind is softer but man the spin will be a handful. Brad and Brian both have theirs up so I have no choice. I pull the chute. A little bit of crazy shifting wind by the island then I get dialed in. Single handed trapped out with the spin is always intimidating. I’m sailing well, the wind is perfect. I’ve got the angle on Brian and approaching a bunch of sailors rounding the south island. Brad, Johnathan, and Victor are all there. I pull down the spin and fight my way through the passage crowded with sailors. I decide to stay to the east, hoping that I again can make a good angle to the north islands.

Heading north I have now passed many boats and now only have Fred, two H16’s and a P16 as far as cats in front, but they are way up there! Lets see what the Lake Pleasant wind crap shoot has in store for us now. Well fists lets just turn the wind off, not slow, off. I see everyone just kind of floating and i’m going nowhere. The boats to the north are just bobbing and the boats to the south just crawling. I can see small patches of wind in either direction but I have nothing. Then the sight I could have only hoped for, Wind From the South! Good wind too! I watch as the boats behind me fill their sails and the spinnakers come back out to play. The mid day wind 180 has come! I sit waiting in anticipation and the water darkens behind me showing me that sweet wind treat. I pull out the spin and with that my grin, here it comes and I have the perfect angle. Like a switch the wind fills my sails and accelerates my boat up the lake. I’m moving now! Wait now I’m not, I was too fast and was sailing beyond the wind line, crap. What do I do now, Lets sail a lower angle and give me a hotter line to the island. It worked! The last group of boats are in sight coming up to the north island.

My boat is now cooking, spin out, trapped out, and I have rights as I mix it up with the rest of the fleet on a port tack. I drive through the middle of the group and have a super hot angle. I’m living up to the boat name as I get closer to the Island. Time to jibe, slid in off the trap, de-hyper-rotate, loosen the main, slide over the blocks, pull the main, re-hyper-rotate, pull the spin sheets, trap out, and set course all in one breath. The Whoop sound as the spin fills up and powers the boat to speed. Perfect line to the island and I’m passing the remaining boats. I take my last jibe and island to island line is a super hot one. Again the spin is powered up, trapped out making those oh so smooth figure s’s as I hold the hull just above the lake. I,m pulling away and getting a good lead on the others. My mind is now racing, I could win this!

As a douse the spin and set course up down the lake I focus on a great line and great boat speed. I look back and Brad is still within striking distance. That boat is sure fast up wind and I am not out of the woods yet. The wind is up and I’m trapped out again all the way to the front cross bar. My arm is stretched to the max wishing my tiller was longer to keep the leeward bow deep and the windward bow above the water. I’m afraid to look back and focus forward. I’m approaching the east side of the lake and running out of water. Time to make my tack. I slide in off the trap again, make my turn and back out on the wire. The sun is in my eye and I can’t tell where the end of the island is. Did I tack too late, do I head up or fall off a little, I can’t tell. Brad is now is now in my view as I look up the lake headed down to the last island. I still have him but he is still within striking distance. As I get closer to the west side I can not see the island markings through the glare of the sun. I have a perfect lay line! I make my last tack and head around the island. The wind is good and I’m not sure to run the spin or not. If I do I could be over powered by the hot angle of the finish line, If I don’t Brad could power up behind me and take it. I pull the chute and hope for the best. I’m pooped and feeling it in my arms. The angel is a little hot for my spin but I power through it twice popping up a little high risking the capsize. I look back to see I am going to make it if I just don’t go over. I slide back in from the trap and ease out on the spin and sail my way over the line with Tom there to record my victory.

Holy Crap, I’ve just won!

I head back to shore to dismantle the boat and enjoy the victory with all of my great friends. I am blessed to have such great people in my life and to be able to enjoy the great sport of sailing with them. Time to cook dinner for all my friends. This time it’s gumbo! I’ve never made it before so I hope it turns out well. 30 minutes later a huge pot, a bunch of bowls and a group of cold hungry sailors await. As Brian would say, “Winner, Winner, Gumbo Dinner!” Lets eat. Now judging from the huge now empty pot and how many went back for seconds I think I did all right. The perfect way to close out a perfect day.

Thank you to all my friends and fellow sailors who were there to make it so special, and to those who missed it I wish you could have been there. I hope this gives you a little feeling of what it was like on my boat and it fires you up to make it next year!

Jim Tomes on Raisin Hull

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2015 Rocky Point challenge

Here is a video the Brian Willess put together recapping this years Rocky Point Challenge. Thanks Brian!!!

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October Family Fun Weekend – October 23-25, 2015

Good Saturday Everyone!!

We had a great time last weekend at the Rocky Point Challenge. We had 14 boats sailing in the event. That is the most boats we have had in a very long time! Thanks to all of you who were able to make it to Mexico….and to those of you who didn’t make it..well..there is another event next weekend. The last Family Fun Weekend for 2015.

We will be at Roosevelt Lake next weekend..October 23-25, 2015. We will be at Horse Pasture/Bermuda Flats campgrounds right next to the water. I will get there as soon as I can on Friday, October 23rd and grab as much shoreline as possible. If you get there before me, please do the same. If you need a map of where the campgrounds are located, please contact me.

No pot-luck dinner this time…just bring your stuff to the lake and get some sailing in.

Let me know if you are planning on attending so I can keep an eye out for you.

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Fleet 42 April 2015 Family Fun Weekend – SAILFEST


With the warm spring weather, it is time to start thinking about sailing and what better place than at Roosevelt Lake! Join us for this family fun weekend, sponsored by Arizona Hobie Fleets 66 and 514 and Arizona Multihull Fleet 42. This is a loosely-organized weekend of events on and off the water, full of surprises, fun sailing events, possibly a semi-long distance race, maybe a hounds and fox chase, WHATEVER!

We will be at Horse Pasture/Bermuda Flats campgrounds right next to the water. Katy and I will get there as soon as we can on Friday, April 24th and grab as much shoreline as possible. If you get there before us, please do the same. If you need a map of where the campgrounds are located, please contact Scott Agan.


Saturday night, after the events of the day, bring your favorite chili to the judging area with a serving spoon. For those not bringing chili, please pot luck with condiments, crackers, tortillas, shredded cheese, hors d’oeuvres, desert, etc. to share. Everyone can dig in after the judging. Prizes will be awarded for Best in Traditional, Nontraditional, and Vegetarian categories. Fleet 42 will provide all the necessary eating utensils, plates, bowls, cups, and napkins.

Please let me know if you are attending and what time and date you are planning on arriving. This way I can keep a lookout for you.

For further information, call Scott Agan, 480-540-5634 or

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Another Fleet 42 Rocky Point Challenge Video

I just ran across this video by Ken Bruce. 2014 Rocky Point Challenge. Why did I not know about this?

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2014 Rocky Point Challenge Video

Hey guys the video that Duane put together from last years Rocky Point Challenge is back up on YouTube. Here is the link to it.

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Lake Havasu McCulloch Cup Regatta – Hosted by Hobie Fleet 88 and Lake Havasu Yacht Club

Official Hobie points races for this event will be on Saturday and Sunday, March 14th and 15th, 2015.

Skippers Meeting, 10:00 Saturday and Sunday morning; First race, 11:00 AM, wind permitting. Skippers must be HCANA members.

RV’s and tent camping at the regatta site, without hookups. Hookup sites are available elsewhere in the park: More info at:

Email Rex Miller @
or call / text (760) 801-4968 for more information

Registration fee is $60.00 for double handed boats, $40 for single handed boats. This INCLUDES dinner on SATURDAY night at the Yacht Club, 631 London Bridge Rd.

NO HOST dinner and bar available at the Yacht Club Friday Night.

Please make checks payable to:
Lake Havasu Yacht Club
and mail registration and payment to:
Erika Lapinski
3865 Winnebago Ln
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Pre-registration DUE by March 6, otherwise t-shirts NOT guaranteed.

Non-Hobie boats:
Non-Hobie will be able to sail at Lake Havasu during the Hobie event. All I ask is that we remain out of the way of the Hobie boats and not interfere with their racing. There is plenty of water there for us to use.

RV’s and tent camping at the regatta site, without hookups. Hookup sites are available elsewhere in the park: More info at:

We will be joining the Hobie boats for dinner and bar on Friday and Saturday nights. The Lake Havasu Club has a bar with reasonable prices. Guests may enjoy the bar without having dinner, if they choose.
Both the dinner and bar are no host. Dinner on Friday night is $12.00, and $10.00 on Saturday night, per person.

I am looking forward to this event and looking forward to meeting new people interested in sailing.

Please let me know if you would like to join me in Lake Havasu for this event. I need to know by March 9th.

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Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup Regatta

JOIN US…Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January 16-17-18, 2015 for the AYC Birthday Regatta and 15th Leukemia Cup! Three days of racing, cruising and Desert Hospitality!

The Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta has been raced continuously for 55 years, held each year on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. It’s Arizona Yacht Club’s premier event.

Expected Classes: Capri 14.2, Laser, Buccaneer, Portsmouth, Thistle, Catalina 22, Viper 640, Merit 25, Montgomery 17, Santana 20, PHRF spin, PHRF non-spin, Multi-Hull, cruising!

Yes, this is a Leukemia Cup event, though without the live auction of years past. We’re still raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and invite you to sign up for the Leukemia Cup scoring on Saturday. The top-finishing Leukemia Cup entrant in each fleet will be the winner. Tony Chapman is heading up fundraising and invites you to begin collecting money and to set up a fundraising page. If you have questions, please contact Tony (or contribute to his fundraising here).

Sail with us, with over 200 sailors and “shore crew,” and 70+ boats. Sail under blue skies in front of the Black Mountains near Castle Hot Springs, Buzzard Neck and Humbug Bay. Celebrate with us under the stars, between the saguaro and ocotillo, with the burros and coyotes on our little slice of “Sailing Heaven,” Lake Pleasant, just 45 minutes north of Phoenix.

The AYC Birthday Regatta provides a fabulous taste of desert winter sailing with warm days, fresh breezes and a wilderness vibe that no other regatta can match.

Fleet 42 will be setting up at our usual spot, CAT POINT on the west side of the lake.

Please go to here to sign up for this GREAT event.

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Around Anacapa Summary – Scott Agan

Well, what can I say…if were not able to attend the 2014 version of Around Anacapa, then you MUST put this event on your calendar for the 2015 version.

Fleet 42 had 6 boats attend this year. Brett Johnston and Anthony Aquilaon the Inter 20, Lee Wicklund and Eric Lassen on the Inter 20, Jim Tomesand Dennis Harrison on the Bimar HT18, Brian Willess and Alan Pilkington on the Nacra 6.0, Jonathon Magick and Scott Agan on the P-19, andRobert A. Videan and Cutter Videan on the P-18.2. We all arrived on Thursday or VERY early Friday morning, 2:00am to be exact! Then the trash talk started!

We all got up pretty early Friday morning, excited to get stated building the boats. And the trash talking started once again! We all helped each other build the boats and get them ready for the Friday shake-down sail that afternoon. Jim was the first one to have an issue. No tiller or cross bar. It’s at home on the couch. Within 15 minutes we had Jim set-up with a new cross bar and he was on his way to go get another tiller. Disaster averted.

After a quick lunch, we all got out on the water to do some testing on the boats and get our bearings the the Saturday Race. Robert Martinez and Joseph Reuven even joined us out there. Most of us spent about 2 to 3 hours on the water. Not Jonathon and I…I got sea sick…again! I did this last year too! I got to know the front cross bar very well. Nothing on the boat!

Everyone made it back in safe with no issues. Big smiles on everyone’s faces. All went well with all the boats. Now we were ready for Saturday!

Again, up early Saturday and most went to the “Trash Talk” breakfast and a few of us stayed back and started getting everything ready for the race. I started taking the sea sick medication right away and kept the meds going until it was time to get the boats on the water. ALL WAS GOOD! We all launched the boats in plenty of time to get to the start line. Not like last year when Jonathon and I almost didn’t make it. This year we were early enough to the start line that we had time to make our plans for the start. The beach cats were the last start so we could go through the other fleets. LOTS of fun to do. Jonathon and I set our boat up in position for the start and we drilled it. Less than 5 feet away from the line just as the horn sounded under full sail and speed. The race was on!!! Jonathon and I led the beach catamaran field to within 500 yards of oil platform Gina, and tha’ts when Brett and Anthony passed us. Bye Guys! They were off and running, first to the platform and around. Jonathon and I were second around the platform and were busy heading to Anacapa to notice who was next to get around. As we were heading to Anacapa, we noticed a HUGE ship coming towards us. I looked at Jonathon and he looked at me and said, “We will make it.” Okay….lets go. We made it in front of the HUGE ship with ease and 2 more beach cats behind us made it too. We got to the island and were going around the back side and we had wind! A fair amount of wind at that! Ripples on the water was a good thing to see. We got into a tacking dual with the guys on the Nacra 5.8, and they got us. They went out and got about a half a mile ahead of us and made it to between the islands before us. Lee and Alan also passed us on the back side by staying close to the island and finding great wind. Jim and Dennis passed us too. Jonathon and I were a little stumped on how and why we were getting passed, but we kept the boat going forward on the course and not back tracking. We finally got to a place where we make our last tack on the back side of Anacapa and head right into Ventura Harbor, 19 miles in front of us.

We made that tack, set the sails and were off. Fast once again. we knew there were 3 cats in front of us so we decided to see if we could catch them. It took us a little while, but Jim and Dennis kept getting bigger and bigger. We finally passed them and we could see the Nacra 5.8 in the distance. They were next. Jonathon was driving the boat hard, with big splashes as we were climbing the back of the waves in front of us. They were getting bigger…and bigger,,,and bigger. With less than a mile to Ventura Harbor, we passed them, but they kept right with us. It was fun to have 2 boats so close to each other after so long on water. Once in the mouth of the harbor. it became another tacking dual, and once again, they got us. We finished a mere 21 seconds behind them. RATS!!!

Everyone made it back to the harbor safe and sound with great stories of the day. We all had a great time and we all are looking forward to next year.

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September Family Fun Weekend on September 19-21, 2014

Fleet 42 is having the September Family Fun Weekend on September 19-21, 2014. But…there is another event happening this same weekend that I feel Fleet 42 should be participating in as well. So…we are going to be moving the Family Fun Weekend from Roosevelt Lake to Lake Pleasant and participating in BART’S BASH. We will be sailing with Arizona Yacht Club on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Brett Johnston will be camping at the meeting area and arriving at the lake sometime Saturday afternoon, September 20, 2014. I will be coming out early Sunday Morning, around 6:30 am. The Races on Sunday start at 9:00 am in the morning, so get there early and get the boat set-up and ready to sail.

Here is a link for more information on Barts Bash:

The Arizona Yacht Club has signed on for Bart’s Bash, a worldwide happening that’s expected to be the world’s largest sailing event. Named for Andrew “Bart” Simpson, who died during practice for the America’s Cup last year, it will honor his memory while raising money to train kids to sail. If all goes as planned, it will also set a new Guinness World Record for the largest sailing event.

Now it’s your turn. All you have to do is go to the Bart’s Bash website and sign up. There’s no fee for registering, but they encourage a donation of at least €5 (about $6.76) to the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. Then, race Sunday morning, September 21, in our designated Bart’s Bash race at Lake Pleasant, which conveniently coincides with our opening weekend of the fall season.

Clubs all over the world are joining in the Bash, though most are centered in Bart’s home country, the UK. Here’s some background on it. ( )You’ll find some familiar names on the list of participants, such as Jimmy Spithill and Ben Ainslee. You’ll see them signing up in the video below. Hey, you can sail with them. Sort of.

We will be meeting at “The Island” on the west side of Lake Pleasant. You go to Castle Hot Springs Road to the Lake Pleasant Access Road, go through the pay station, stay on Lake Pleasant Access Road and take a right on South Park Road, turn left on Desert Tortes Road and stay on Desert Tortes road until your front tires go into the lake. You will go up a hill and down on the back side…be careful on the way down!

I know that this is a bit different way to spend a Fleet 42 Family Fun Weekend, but this is a special event and I hope to see many of you there.

Scott Agan – Commodore, Fleet 42

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