Roosevelt Lake Spring Fever Sail

Well, the “Spring Fever” sail event lived up to its name!  Scott and Mary arrived bright and early Thursday morning at 7:15 am to the Windy Hill camp ground at Roosevelt Lake to secure a good central camp site for the group.  Only to find a good portion of the campgrounds already occupied!  We did manage to secure a spot close to the only workable “beach”.  A rocky and dead-bush guarded shore but serviceable with some ingenuity, determination and a good pair of pruners!  

Fortunately, more people cleared out Friday and Brett and Tina arrived towing their F18 C2, followed closely by Jeff and Earl (F18) and they were both able to secure close-by camp sites.  Scott and Mary were joined by friends Diane and John, and with that we’d achieved Fleet 42 critical mass!  Saturday morning reinforcements arrived with Ken and his Nacra 5.2, Chris & Anna and their G-Cat, and Rich and Richard and their bicentennial Hobie 16.  They managed to score and share another great camp-site nearby so we were set!

Thursday and Friday had light but pretty steady winds.  Water temps were cold but the air temps were in the low 80s, sunny but with enough clouds to really highlight the beauty of the lake in pictures.  Pictures here:  We made use of the conditions to break in some new skippers.  Lessons came complete with a lovely paddle back to shore at sunset, no extra charge!  

Saturday the forecast big winds arrived around 1:40 pm.  Everyone took off hither and thither all around this section of the lake.  Scott, Mary, and Diane zipped off to their new favorite destination of Haystack Island.  It’s a pretty magical island as it is invisible until you are nearly on top of it!  Meanwhile Chris was sailing with Anna and Richard Jr on the cat-in-the-hat striped G-Cat looking pretty fabulous.  Ken was showing off his multi-hued and bedazzling Nacra 5.2, and when he heard a fleet new-comer, Alex, was interested in a ride, was kind enough to head in and pick him up at the dock.  Meanwhile Jeff and Earl had sprung the spinnaker on the F18HT just before the wind kicked in.  The still water reflection of the F18HT in its spinnaker wardrobe came out in an awesome picture.  Meanwhile, Rich was soloing on his Hobie 16 and decided to let the wind push him around.  Twice.  Rich, you are looking pretty practiced at the speed-boat assisted righting procedure!  Scott, Mary, and Diane, after gawking at Rich’s capsizes, headed back out one last time, trying to make it to the bridge.  Got close enough to take the picture and then decided to zoom home so as not to be late to the Saturday evening potluck.

Everyone got more than their fill of sailing, the last ones off the lake coming in around 4:30 pm.  Everyone pulled their boats out at the ramp, deciding not to deal with the rocky shore.  Despite the large number of campers at the lake, many did not have boats, and the ramps were blessedly free of competition to pull out.  We all had plenty of time to make our best dishes for the potluck by the fire.  Good time had by all.  

Sunday morning most started packing up, but there was still good wind forecast and Ken headed out to try a new spinnaker.  Chris was also heading out for more.  In the end, despite some initial worries about finding good camp sites, everything worked out absolutely great.  6 boats turned out, 14 people.  Great weather, sailing and company.  Thanks all for coming out.  Hope we see you too at a future event!

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