Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update #2:

Hello Fleet 42!

Big update! Our usual Roosevelt sailing location at Horse Pasture is completely submerged!

However, we have found what looks like a great alternative at the Roosevelt Lake Windy Hill Recreation site.  The site is a dirt overflow parking area for the Windy Hill Badger launch ramp.  The ramp is submerged so the forest service opened the area to camping.  We drove up and checked it out, and it looked great!  It is about an additional 15 minutes south of Horse Pasture.  It is a decent sized area, flat, and no rocks.  I liked it better than Horse Pasture and it is much more comfortable than Lake Pleasant.  It does not have a lot of shoreline, but we think we can get there early enough to get a chunk of it, and in any event the area is so flat and smooth it will be easier than Playa Bonita to wheel boats around on cat wheels if needed.  If you have questions about the new area let me know.

In any event, we are going to give the new location a go!  I am super excited to sail in this new part of the lake.  And even more excited to sail with Roosevelt Lake at its max size.  This is going to be cool.  If you do think you may come, give me a heads up.  Any questions let me know.  I’ve updated all the details below.  Note, I’m putting the April event on a temporary hold status.  We will decide what to do for April based on the results of the March event at the new location.

Scott Winkler – Commodore Fleet 42

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