Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update #3:

Ok, Fleet 42. Some breaking news. The alternate site that we scouted out just last week for our Roosevelt event is also now unfortunately underwater. I’m super bummed. I’m going to cancel the Roosevelt event and Instead we are going to go with an informal gathering at Lake Pleasant. This is your invite if you would like to join us. There are three of us (myself, Jeff Eisner, and Brian Willess) who intend to go up on Thursday and try to get spots at a place called Fireman’s Cove. I have not been there, but I’m told it is flat and a good place if we can get spots. We’ll do our best. Hope you still want to join us. I’ll post directions as a comment, and after we are on site will post on the conditions (crowded or not) and GPS coordinates.

If you do intend to join us, give us a heads up so we have an idea how many may come.

Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

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