Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update:

Mary and I took a trip out to explore Roosevelt Lake today. Turns out the plentiful spring rains have filled up our lake system. Horse Pasture, our usual camping and launching point is completely submerged. No camping there. We got a lead on another spot at Windy Hill so we went to check it out. I have never sailed at Roosevelt when the lake was full because Horse Pasture is where we go, and when it is underwater we don’t go. Well, the lake when it is full is just beautiful. We had a fabulous day exploring all the campgrounds, Schoolhouse, Grapevine, Windy Hill, Frasier, Cholla and even the submerged Horse Pasture. It was a great day. And the spot at Windy Hill looked great. The camp area is actually a dirt overflow parking lot for the Badger boat launch ramp at Windy Hill that the park has opened up because the ramp is underwater. But it looks perfect for launching cats. The lot is dirt/grass, but actually flat with no rocks. Actually better than Horse Pasture even and waaaaaay better than moon-crater Lake Pleasant. There is not a ton of shore line but it is a decent size space. Even if we are not first to arrive (we will try to be–arriving Thursday) we can set up a bit further back and easily cat-wheel if needed. I believe it will work. We are going to go for it!!! We will be updating the March 3/20-3/22 event location with the details. I am *excited* to sail from Windy Point! This is going to be cool! And sailing on Roosevelt at its maximum is going to be super cool!!! Hope to see you there!

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