Fleet42 News and Update

Hi Fleet 42,

Well, a lot has happened in the world since the last update.  I hope this finds you well and still positive as I know the Corona Virus has adversely affected many, either health or livelihood.

Thinking about sailing may seem like a luxury now, but I believe it is a good, healthy, positive distraction.  So, I hope this distracts you in a good way.

First, lets get all the bad news out of the way.  Last email we did cancel the April Roosevelt event.  Cinco de Mayo regatta has also been canceled.  Both Roosevelt and Lake Pleasant are closed to camping, although there is some question as to whether day use is still allowed.  I could not reach the rangers at Roosevelt which doesn’t bode well.  In any event, no ‘official’ events from the fleet in April or May.  I am leaving the June event on the calendar for now. 

In better news, we did hold a very successful event at Lake Pleasant just as the guidance for the Corona Virus was coming down.  I think we managed to have a good time while still upholding our social distancing obligations (which at that time were still just being promulgated). I’ve just sent a separate email recapping the event.

So, now the good news?  All the Arizona lakes are full and beautiful.  And I am determined to hold a regatta in April!! Not only will there be a regatta but it will be a one-design race!  How can we do that??  Well, yes, it is going to be a virtual regatta.  This won’t be for everyone but I think it could be a lot of fun and a great way to stay connected.  I’ve been playing it.  Y’know, its pretty good. I still love the starts and suck at the race itself, just like the real thing.  And we can set up a Fleet 42 specific regatta so we can race each other.  I can finally (maybe) beat both Brian Willess and Jim Tomes! 

So, I’ve spent some time learning this ‘game’ (they are partnered with World Sailing, btw).  It isn’t easy, initially I found the controls and environment confusing.  Same as when I started to sail!  Its like starting over.  I can host a Zoom meeting the week before to demonstrate/answer questions to get people a fast start, if there is interest.  You can play either on a PC or download the app to your phone.  I recommend the phone initially, although I am using the PC now.  Google/Search “Virtual Regatta Inshore”.  If you are interested in doing this, download and go through the training.  Shoot me an email if you do.  Or if you have questions.  I could use some help trying the Custom Race feature (I need someone else online to try it with me!).

I’m not sure if there will be interest in this, but I figure why not give it a try.  I will send out a follow-up post with the date and time of the regatta and maybe a time for a Zoom meeting the week before to demo/answer questions if there are any.

I will also, finally be sending out invites for a Whatsapp Fleet42 group.  I’ve mentioned this before.  This is a replacement for mass text messages some of us have been using.  Again, this is not for everyone, and that is not a problem   If you’d like to join, download Whatsapp to your phone, text or email me, at and I’ll invite you. 

Hoping for fair winds soon,

  -scott winkler

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Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update #3:

Ok, Fleet 42. Some breaking news. The alternate site that we scouted out just last week for our Roosevelt event is also now unfortunately underwater. I’m super bummed. I’m going to cancel the Roosevelt event and Instead we are going to go with an informal gathering at Lake Pleasant. This is your invite if you would like to join us. There are three of us (myself, Jeff Eisner, and Brian Willess) who intend to go up on Thursday and try to get spots at a place called Fireman’s Cove. I have not been there, but I’m told it is flat and a good place if we can get spots. We’ll do our best. Hope you still want to join us. I’ll post directions as a comment, and after we are on site will post on the conditions (crowded or not) and GPS coordinates.

If you do intend to join us, give us a heads up so we have an idea how many may come.

Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

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Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update #2:

Hello Fleet 42!

Big update! Our usual Roosevelt sailing location at Horse Pasture is completely submerged!

However, we have found what looks like a great alternative at the Roosevelt Lake Windy Hill Recreation site.  The site is a dirt overflow parking area for the Windy Hill Badger launch ramp.  The ramp is submerged so the forest service opened the area to camping.  We drove up and checked it out, and it looked great!  It is about an additional 15 minutes south of Horse Pasture.  It is a decent sized area, flat, and no rocks.  I liked it better than Horse Pasture and it is much more comfortable than Lake Pleasant.  It does not have a lot of shoreline, but we think we can get there early enough to get a chunk of it, and in any event the area is so flat and smooth it will be easier than Playa Bonita to wheel boats around on cat wheels if needed.  If you have questions about the new area let me know.

In any event, we are going to give the new location a go!  I am super excited to sail in this new part of the lake.  And even more excited to sail with Roosevelt Lake at its max size.  This is going to be cool.  If you do think you may come, give me a heads up.  Any questions let me know.  I’ve updated all the details below.  Note, I’m putting the April event on a temporary hold status.  We will decide what to do for April based on the results of the March event at the new location.

Scott Winkler – Commodore Fleet 42

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Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Update:

Mary and I took a trip out to explore Roosevelt Lake today. Turns out the plentiful spring rains have filled up our lake system. Horse Pasture, our usual camping and launching point is completely submerged. No camping there. We got a lead on another spot at Windy Hill so we went to check it out. I have never sailed at Roosevelt when the lake was full because Horse Pasture is where we go, and when it is underwater we don’t go. Well, the lake when it is full is just beautiful. We had a fabulous day exploring all the campgrounds, Schoolhouse, Grapevine, Windy Hill, Frasier, Cholla and even the submerged Horse Pasture. It was a great day. And the spot at Windy Hill looked great. The camp area is actually a dirt overflow parking lot for the Badger boat launch ramp at Windy Hill that the park has opened up because the ramp is underwater. But it looks perfect for launching cats. The lot is dirt/grass, but actually flat with no rocks. Actually better than Horse Pasture even and waaaaaay better than moon-crater Lake Pleasant. There is not a ton of shore line but it is a decent size space. Even if we are not first to arrive (we will try to be–arriving Thursday) we can set up a bit further back and easily cat-wheel if needed. I believe it will work. We are going to go for it!!! We will be updating the March 3/20-3/22 event location with the details. I am *excited* to sail from Windy Point! This is going to be cool! And sailing on Roosevelt at its maximum is going to be super cool!!! Hope to see you there!

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Spring Fever Sail event, March 20-22 Roosevelt Event Details:

Scott Winkler is arriving Thursday 3/19 by noon to get a spot. Arrive anytime thereafter. Or earlier, but contact Scott so he looks for you when he arrives.
Roosevelt Lake, Horse Pasture/Bermuda Flat recreation area. Usually we set up toward the south end (turn right after the entrance). Here is the approximate location: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gGfn1Phw_Sg8Ukb0GPVZltQYoog6wAua&usp=sharing
A Tonto pass is required to camp at the lake. A pass is $8 per day. They are not for sale at Horse Pasture but you can get them in Punkin Center or in Phoenix and Tucson areas. Locations to buy are here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5331614.pdf
Look for the catamaran masts! Also, Scott Winkler will be in a large Class C Sunseeker Motorhome. The “Sunseeker” label is plastered all over the RV so you should be able to spot it. Also, we will be setting up a common area with a gold-colored canopy hung with sailing flags and ocean-colored camo on a couple of the sides for shading. Should stick out pretty well! You can also call Scott at 480-250-5000. He will be arriving Thursday morning March 19th to get a spot.
Sailing! Destination sail, beer can race, Rick White drills, etc.
Onshore: Friday lunch brats, Saturday evening Potluck, campfire, games, telescope viewing
Shore Talk: If there is interest Scott Winkler will do a talk/presentation on his Clipper Round the World sailing adventure (He did three legs of the Clipper race from Liverpool England to Fremantle Australia). We may possibly have another interesting talk/presentation or two depending on people’s schedules.
Bring a sailboat if you have one, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and any other water toys. Bring a friend to introduce to the lake and sailing!
Attend the event and you and your crew get a free Fleet 42 ball-cap. They are cool!

For any questions contact Scott Winkler via email.

See you at the lake!

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Spring Fever Sail Event

By Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

Dust off your boats! The first Roosevelt event is March 22-23 and coming up fast!

We plan to have fun both on and off the water! Sailing of course– perhaps including a casual “beer can” race around natural marks, or a distance sail, or setting up to try some of Rick White’s sailing drills, or a fox and hounds chase. We’ll match to the conditions.

On shore, besides the always wonderful lounge chair, cold drink, and sailing story (never over-rated! 😉 we’ll have some games (traditional games, but I’m still jonesing to setup a virtual or RC regatta, but probably not this time), a telescope for evening viewing, and I’m arranging for a presentation or two on interesting topics. Our members know some cool stuff!

Scott W will arrive Thursday late morning to claim a spot. Come any time thereafter. Expect most will arrive Friday or Saturday. Saturday night is a fleet potluck, bring a dish! For early-birds arriving Friday we’ll have brauts at 1pm. For super early-birds arriving Thursday we’ll have Teriyaki chicken for dinner. Not expecting too many folks for that but we’d love to see you!

Skipper and crew will get a Fleet 42 ballcap for attending (additionals for $15). If you couldn’t wait and bought one at the year-end party you can get the other color.

Will update with additional details when the date gets closer. Hope to see you there!

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AYC Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup: February 7-9

By Bob Naylor – AYC

Celebrate the improbability of a yacht club thriving in the middle of the Arizona desert for 62-years! Happy Birthday, AYC! Register and race in the Birthday Regatta – top finishers in each class will be recognized with awards. These classes are expected:

Three-day racing: Multi-Hull, Viper 640

Two-day racing: Buccaneer 18, Catalina 22, Laser, PHRF non-spin (jib & main), PHRF Spin, PHRF Sport Boat, Santana 20, and Sunfish

One-day event: Cruising – PHRF distant race

Sail with us, over 200 sailors and “shore crew,” and 70+ boats. Sail under blue skies in front of the Black Mountains near Castle Hot Springs, Buzzard Neck and Humbug Bay. Celebrate with us under the stars, between the saguaro and ocotillo, with the burros and coyotes on Lake Pleasant, just 45 minutes northwest of Phoenix.

Our Keynote Speaker this year is award-winning nautical photographer Onne van der Wal. He will be on the water during the day taking photographs that will be shown during the dinner Saturday night. More about Onne van der Wal here.

Finally…this event doesn’t happen without help from a small army of Volunteers! This year you can sign up for what you’d like to do online using Sign-Up Genius. Check out the different needs and volunteer on this page.

To read more and sign up for the Birthday Regatta visit the Birthday Regatta webpage.

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2020 “Year Start” Party

Hi Fleet 42ers,

Happy 2020!  Our “Year Start” party is Saturday, Jan 18th from 5pm-8pm.

We’ve made it easy:  Dinner is provided by our hosts Eric and Kim!

The party is near the North 101 and Cave Creek Road, so North Phoenix area.  Please contact Scott Winkler at winklersh@yahoo.com or by a Facebook post for the address.

If you have not RSVP’d already please RSVP by responding via Fleet 42 Facebook.  If you’ve already RSVP’d, you are good to go.

We will also have a white elephant gift exchange.  If you’d like to participate bring a gift, it is always fun!  Participating is optional.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!!

Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

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Year-Start Party

From Scott Winkler – Commodore – Fleet 42

Hey Fleet42!

We’ve scheduled a Year-End, or rather, a Year-Start party!!! Put Saturday January 18th on your calendar! Eric Ihsen (Bald Eric) and his wife, Kim, have volunteered to host the event. Exact location to follow but it is near the North 101 and Cave Creek roads in Phoenix. The time is 5pm-8pm. To start we will get reacquainted while enjoying some good food (which will be provided), talk some fleet business, and then do a gift exchange ($15 limit). Eric and Kim are also graciously providing the food so all you need to bring is a gift-exchange gift (if you’d like to participate) and your sail-happy self! We hope to see many of you there! RSVP will be directly to Scott Winkler or Fleet42 Facebook event (to-be-set-up shortly). See you there!

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Fleet 42 at Roosevelt Lake

From Scott Winkler:

Hey Fleet 42ers! Mary and I are planning a Roosevelt Lake trip on Sept 27-29 (arrive friday afternoon, leave sometime Sunday) as shake down sail for Pinata Regatta (need to dust off the boa–it hasn’t been out in a while!). Anyway, we’ll have potluck dishes to share on Saturday if anyone cares to join us. Or more for us if not!

🙂 Hope to see some of you there or in Mexico for Pinata!

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